Audi Lease Pull Ahead Program
Audi Pre-Owned Buy Back Event

The Audi Pre-Owned Buy Back Event is on now until November 30th. Receive a $100 gift card for the McKenna Audi accessories shop when you trade-in your Pre-Owned Audi. Fill out the form below, stop by, or call us for more details!

Audi Lease Return Program in Norwalk, CA

Don't get caught up in unexpected or hidden fees and charges with your Audi lease, come talk to the experts at McKenna Audi about our lease return program. Whether you're nearing the end of your lease or if you want out early, our team can go over all your available options to avoid unnecessary charges. Once all your options are discussed, we can also help you to lease or finance a new Audi car or SUV, or we can give you the details you need to purchase the Audi you currently lease.

As long as you originally used Audi Financial Services (AFS) to lease your Audi, you can return it to McKenna Audi, even if you didn't originally lease it from us. Your end-of-lease and early-lease-return options include:

Audi Loyalty Lease Pull-Ahead Program
  1. The Audi Loyalty Lease Pull-Ahead Program
  2. Lease or Purchase A New or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
  3. Buy the Audi You Currently Lease
  4. Return Your Lease at McKenna Audi

New Audi Loyalty Lease Pull-Ahead Program Guidelines

As long as your lease was obtained through AFS, you could qualify for the Audi Loyalty Pull-Ahead Program. This program will have a number of your final lease payments waived by the AFS as long as you then lease or purchase a new Audi. If you lease or purchase an Audi A or Audi S model, the last two lease payments will be waived, and if you lease or purchase the Audi Q7 SUV, the AFS will waive your final three payments. Speak to our team to see if you qualify for this excellent lease-return offer.

Lease or Buy a New or Certified Pre-Owned Audi

Just because you're done with your lease doesn't mean you didn't love the Audi driving experience. Once your lease has come to an end, let our sales-team help you find a new or CPO Audi, like the Audi A3 Sedan or the Q5 SUV. Whatever you're looking for, McKenna Audi is sure to have the vehicle that suits your every need.

Audi Loyalty Lease Return Program

Buy Your Currently Leased Audi

If you've thoroughly enjoyed driving your leased Audi, why give it up just because your lease is coming to an end? When you bring your Audi into McKenna Audi, you can speak with our staff to discuss what you can do to pay off the remainder owed on the vehicle. We can provide you with a payoff quote and instructions on how to purchase the vehicle outright from Audi Financial Services.

Audi Lease At McKenna Audi

Return Your Audi Lease to McKenna Audi

If all you want is to return your leased Audi, our team can handle that for you. As long as it was originally leased through AFS, all you need to do is schedule a vehicle inspection before your return date, and our team will assess the vehicle. After that, just return the vehicle and make the remaining payments, and your hassle-free lease return is over.

Have more questions about the Audi lease return options? Contact McKenna Audi or visit in person to learn more about Audi end-of-lease options and view our new Audi lease specials!

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