Don't let bugs, stones, weather and debris damage the perfect look of your new Audi vehicle! We can install cutting-edge protective coatings that preserve the appearance of your vehicle while adding toughness, durability and sun protection. With the latest products from the innovators at Protective Film Solutions, keep your Audi looking its best and maintain its value for the long haul. Learn more below about ceramic coatings, clear bras and tinting services at McKenna Audi

Audi rear lights

Ceramic Coating

Audi comes from Germany, the global epicenter of performance automotive engineering -- and so does the Glanz premium ceramic vehicle coating. Unlike waxing, Glanz ceramic coating forms a permanent bond with your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Nothing can dissolve it. Not gasoline drips. Not bird droppings. Not bug guts. Hey, the ravages of the open road aren't pretty. But your Audi will be. This super-hard, flexible and water-resistant coating bonds to paint, rubber, glass, carbon fiber and more for long-lasting protection against damage.

Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating Starting From $1,599.99

Audi side trim

Ceramic Window Tint

Unlike ordinary window tinting, ceramic window tints provide all the benefits and none of the drawbacks! It blocks out more heat so your leather seats don't get too hot when parked in the sun on a hot summer day. It protects passengers by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. And it doesn't interfere with electronic devices like radar detectors, cell phones and radios like ordinary dyed film window tinting can. Preserve your privacy, improve the look of your Audi and protect your interior with cutting-edge ceramic window tinting from LLumar.

LLumar Ceramic Window Tint Starting From $549.99

Audi clear bra being installed

Paint Protection Film

What if your Audi could not only resist sun damage and water damage, but heal itself from scratches and scrapes? The innovative Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film is made from a durable elastomeric polyurethane that keeps your vehicle's paint job looking like new. When it gets scratched, it keeps the paint beneath unscathed -- and when you apply a little heat in the form of some warm water, the film heals itself and makes the scratch vanish. It doesn't just protect your car. It shrugs off scratches and maintains a like-new look.

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film Starting From $2,999.99